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Product samples for Jiangyin Spark Electronic Technology Co., LTD. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan .

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Industrial Heat Sink

  • DJR100W Industrial Heat Sink The DJR100W industrial heat sink is a small-size white model with 142cm length, 23.5cm width, and 75cm height among our heat sink product line. It is ideal for customers looking for heat sink with 100W or lower power to provide low energy consumption...
  • DJR300B Industrial Heat Sink The DJR300B industrial heat sink measures 158mm×26.1mm×105mm which is a medium-size model in our product line. The black housing can improve the emittance and heat dissipation to some extent. The black coating also contributes to the anti-oxidation property...
  • DJRFS200 Industrial Heat Sink The DJRFS200 industrial heat sink has integrated with fan system to speed the heat conduction and dehumidification. Equipped with special aluminum alloy heating panel section and high-quality nichrome heating wire, this product can be made quite small and elegant.

The industrial heat sink can be used in cooling of the air as a heat abstractor, but it can also heat the air or recycle the waste heat from the air. It is widely used in construction, machinery, and electric industries.

The industrial heat sink adopts special aluminum alloy heating panel section and high-quality nichrome heating wire to keep a tiny and beautiful appearance. It is characterized by uniform heat dissipation, fast heat conduction, and wide dissipation area (2-3 times wider than that of normal heater with the same size).

Our industrial heat sink has passed the RoHS certification, and the dielectric strength reaches 2kV/1mA. It can work on 110V, 220V, or 380V DC or AC to adapt different power supply systems all over the world. Special voltage value can be customized. This product has several models with different heating power. The maximum power can be as high as 500W, while normal customers can choose the popular 100W model to realize low power consumption.

We are a specialized industrial heat sink manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as protection current transformer, zero phase current transformer, high precision current transformer, and split core current transformer.

Other Products
  • Split Core Current Transformer, 0.333V Output The split core current transformer, 0.333V output can be installed without disconnecting cable or busbar circuit, thus meeting the growing demand for retro-fitting especially installation into existing networks. It is widely used in the energy management systems, ammeters, watt-hour meters, instrumentation, relays ...
  • Mini Clip-on Split Core Current Sensor The T10 mini clip-on split core current sensor has the smallest maximum input current among the SCT series. Its model name is SCT-T10. This product can turn the input current into smaller output 0.333V or mA for safe test by measuring devices.