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3 Phase Current Transformer

  • 1.5A 3 Phase Current Transformer The 1.5A 3 phase current transformer is used for small input current. It can convert 1.5A input current to 5mA output current so that the test and measurement of current and control and protection of system can be performed. As a high-accuracy current transformer, the error in current conversion ratio is no more than 0.1% ...
  • 200A 3 Phase Current Transformer The 200A 3 phase current transformer has not only a small and exquisite appearance, but also good working performances. The overload and on-load performances are satisfying, while the consistency is pretty good...
  • Φ25 Three Phase Current Transformer The two models of the Φ25 three phase current transformer can both handle large input current, and respectively convert 100A and 200A input current into 50mA and 100mA output current in rated condition. The suggested load resistance at the output is less than 100ohm.

The 3 phase current transformer is used in 3 phase electric system to convert input 3 phase current into smaller current output, and it also has multi-circuit monitoring function. It is widely applied in electric automatic control systems such as AC motors, air conditioners, and lighting equipment. This product is also capable for measurement and protection of large current.

The working temperature ranges from -25℃ to 55℃, relative humidity is less than 90%, and atmospheric pressure ranges from 860mbar to 1,060mbar. This 3 phase current transformer can be used in all countries all over the world because it can work on 50Hz and 60Hz AC. It has passed the RoHS certification, and with 3kV/1mA dielectric strength, it can surely keep users safe.

We have produced several models of 3 phase current transformer for different input current and current conversion ratio. And the conversion accuracy also differs from model to model. Customers shall choose the best-suited model to facilitate their application.

Jiangyin Spark is a China-based 3 phase current transformer manufacturer and supplier. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including split core current transformer, zero phase current transformer, high precision current transformer, and more.

Other Products
  • High Frequency Transformer Compared with low frequency transformer made of silicon steel sheet, our high frequency transformer comes with a much smaller size, but the effective sectional area of the magnetic core is 17.1mm2. Thanks to the design of vertical or horizontal 0.6mm diameter pins structure, the installation and operation are both quite simple...
  • Power Transformer Our power transformer can convert a certain AC voltage into another voltage while keeping the frequency unchanged to facilitate the use of equipment with different rated voltages. It is generally adaptable to a wide range of environmental conditions...