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DC Immune Current Transformer (40-200A)

DC Immune Current Transformer (40-200A)

With the rapid development of power electronics industry, there is an increasingly demand on the more accurate electric energy measurement in AC circuits with DC component. To meet this demand, we have especially developed the DC immune current transformer which features high precision and great immune to DC component. This type of current sensor is often used in electronic watt-hour meters which are required to measure both AC and DC energy values, and it also plays a role in preventing electricity theft.

Conventional current transformers may offer measurement error as high as 30~40%, as they cannot perform DC component measurement. While our DC immune current transformers deliver only 1-2% error, which substantially increases the electric energy measurement accuracy.

Technical Specifications of the DC Immune Current Transformer
1. This energy measurement instrument conforms to IEC 62053-21 and IEC 62053-23 standards.
2. Nominal Voltage: 0.66KV
3. Insulation Voltage: 2KV
4. Rated Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ
5. Ambient Temperature: -15℃~ 40℃

Features of the Current Transformer
1. The DC immune capability meets the standard of F(IDC) ≤3%
2. As a selection of high accuracy class electrical devices, the CT is applicable for occasions with accuracy class requirement between 0.5 and 0.1. Its applicable current ranges from 1.5 to 200A.
3. CE compliant

Dimension and Specifications
Models IMax IDC N RB Dimension
A A T Ω mm mm mm
40A 40 28 2000 20 28 10 18
60A 60 42 2000 20 30 12 18
80A 80 56 2000 20 35 12 18
100A 100 70 2500 20 36 12 18
120A 120 85 2500 20 36 12 18
200A 200 141 3000 20 40 12 22
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