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Mini Voltage Transformer

  • 260 OHM Mini Voltage Transformer The 260 Ohm mini voltage transformer is a voltage transformer product with high voltage conversion accuracy of 0.1 or 0.2. In rated working condition, the currents in the input and the output circuit are both 2mA, but the output voltage is distinctly lower than the input voltage...
  • 400 OHM Mini Voltage Transformer Model: WPT1PD
    Primary and Secondary Resistance(ohms): ≤ 400
    Rated Current Ratio (mA): 1 : 1
    Suggested Load Resistance(ohm): ≤ 500
  • 120 OHM Mini Voltage Transformer Model: WPT2PF
    Primary and Secondary Resistance(ohms): ≤ 90
    Rated Current Ratio (mA): 2 : 2
    Suggested Load Resistance(ohm): ≤ 600
  • 80 OHM Mini Voltage Transformer The 80 Ohm mini voltage transformer is wrapped and covered by epoxy resin packaging so that the insulation strength is pretty high. This product is ideal for PCB mounting. We provide two models. The input current and output current of WPB1PB are both 1mA, while the ones of WPB2PB are both 2mA...
  • 260 OHM Voltage Transformer The 260 Ohm mini voltage transformer is characterized by high consistency and easy PCB mounting. It is wrapped and covered by epoxy resin packaging to provide high insulation strength...
  • 80 OHM Voltage Transformer Model: WPT1PE
    Primary and Secondary Resistance(ohms): ≤80
    Rated Current Ratio (mA): 1 : 1
    Suggested Load Resistance(ohm): ≤ 250

The mini voltage transformer is used to convert high voltage input AC into low voltage output by a certain ratio. With the help our product, a voltage testing device with small measuring range will be able to test on high voltage. It can also serve as a protective device to protect important elements in the circuit when the electric power system fails.

The mini voltage transformer can convert 50Hz or 60Hz AC. It has high accuracy and consistency. The accuracy is ensured by XF20-6B AC/DC instrumentation calibrator, high voltage resistance property ensured by YD2665 voltage resistance tester, and inductance tested by YD2816A wide frequency LCR digital bridge.

Its epoxy resin wrap cover packaging not only is ideal for PCB mounting, but also provides high insulation strength. This RoHS certificated product has dielectric strength of 3kV/1mA. The working temperature ranges from -25℃ to 55℃, relative humidity is less than 90%, and atmospheric pressure ranges from 860mbar to 1,060mbar.

We provide several models to acquire different voltage conversion ratio by different turns ratio to meet your practical needs. Easy to be connected into circuit, it is a very utility voltage conversion device.

We are a specialized mini voltage transformer manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as wire lead current transformer, split core current transformer, industrial heat sink and lead wire power transformer.

Other Products
  • 10A Zero Phase Current Transformer The 10A zero phase current transformer is applied to small current monitored circuit. When the monitored circuit fails, it can turn 10A input current into zero phase current ranging from 10mA to 1,000mA and control the switching of circuits. It has high sensitivity and ...