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2-5mA Wound Primary Current Transformer

2-5mA Wound Primary Current Transformer

Due to the epoxy resin wrap cover packaging, the 5-5mA wound primary current transformer sports high insulation strength. This product has passed the RoHS and CE certifications. It has high consistency and wide linear range. This product is designed in a simple structure which can be easily mounted on PCB.

Model DCR (ohm) Rated Input(MAX) (A) Rated Output (mA) Suggested Load Resistance (ohm) Accuracy Phase Angle Shift
WCT102CC ≤ 60 5 (20) 5 ≤ 10 0.1 25'
WCT202CC ≤ 200 5 (25) 2.5 ≤ 50 0.1 25'
WCT252CC ≤ 320 5 (25) 2 ≤ 50 0.1 25'

There are three models for this wound primary current transformer. With different conversion ratio, they can convert the same 5A rated input current into respectively 5mA, 2.5mA, and 2mA current. Strong current conversion ability brings large coil resistance. The accuracy of the ratio in current conversion is within 0.1, and the error of AC phase is less than 25', so this product can work stably in circuit.

Performance Curve

As a specialized 2-5mA wound primary current transformer manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a wide range of products that includes wire lead current transformer, mini voltage transformer, power transformer, and protection current transformer, among others.

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