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25mm Split Core Current Sensor

25mm Split Core Current Sensor

The XH-SCT25 series is a split core current sensor with a hole diameter of 25mm. The current transformer can be mounted onto existing panels, such as control centers and load centers, for the purpose of current measurement or monitoring. It can be mounted directly without removal of existing cables, contributing to easier installation.

Specifications of the Split Core Current Sensor
Rated Current: 50A to 400A
Normal Current Output: 20mA, 40mA, 66.6mA,100 mA
Normal Voltage Output: 0.333V
Hole Diameter: 25mm
Insulation Voltage: 600VAC
Withstand Voltage: 2500V/0.3mA/3S
Accuracy: Class ±0.5%
Phase Error: ≦1˚
Operating Temperature: -40℃- 85℃
RoHS Compliant
Frequency Range: 50-400Hz
Leads: 4 feet (105cm), UL 2464
Weight: 150g
Output and leads for this instrument transformer can be customized.

Applications of the Split Core Current Sensor
For more Accurate Measurement in Sub-Metering
Used in Data Loggers to analyze Building & Machinery Performance
Digital Fault Recorders
Smart Grid Application Features
Used in Load Centers
Three Phase Balance Control
In-Factory Display
In-Home Display
Inverters for Solar & Wind Turbine Systems
Power Measurement Device For PLC

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Other Products
  • T36 Mini Clip-on Split Core Current Sensor The T36 mini clip-on split core current sensor is designed for the purpose of fast, easy installation. The split core permits non-contact current measurements through magnetic field induction without the primary wire being taken offline or disconnected.
  • T10 Mini Clip-on Split Core Current Sensor The T10 mini clip-on split core current sensor has the smallest maximum input current among the SCT series. Its model name is SCT-T10. This product can turn the input current into smaller output 0.333V or mA for safe test by measuring devices.