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Split Core Current Transformers

  • Split Core Current Transformer, 0.333V Output The split core current transformer, 0.333V output can be installed without disconnecting cable or busbar circuit, thus meeting the growing demand for retro-fitting especially installation into existing networks. It is widely used in the energy management systems, ammeters, watt-hour meters, instrumentation...
  • Mini Clip-on Split Core Current Sensor The T10 mini clip-on split core current sensor has the smallest maximum input current among the SCT series. Its model name is SCT-T10. This product can turn the input current into smaller output 0.333V or mA for safe test by measuring devices.
  • Split Core Current Transformer 1A or 5A OutputThe DP series current split core current transformer is specially designed for facilitating the installation in new or already existing networks. It can join the electrical system without opening any cable or bus-bar circuit. The conventional CT usually requires the interruption of the primary-side circuit...
  • XH-SCT-T24 Split Core Current Transformer The split core structure makes the transformer convenient for mounting and dismounting.
    While operating with rated current, the electronic test equipment supports optional 1A or 5A current outputs.
  • XH-SCT-T36 Split Core Current Transformer With compact structure design, the split core current transformer is economical, practical and portable. It is easy for mounting and dismounting because of its split core design. Built according to CE and ETL standards, the split core current sensor is very popular among our worldwide customers.

When measuring high-current AC circuit, the current value may frequently exceed the measuring range, but in order to facilitate measurement and monitoring, our current transformer is able to scale down the input current before outputting. The split core current transformer can also perform isolation to avoid the safety risk for users directly operate on high voltage lines.

The split core current transformer has several models for different maximum and minimum currents. Although the models with larger input currents have larger sizes, this series is generally quite portable. For example, the largest SH-CT-500 can convert AC current up to 3,000A, while keeps the length and width around 20cm. The high precision current transformer is much more portable which is ideal for outdoor tests.

Jiangyin Spark is a China-based split core current transformers manufacturer and supplier. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including lead wire power transformer, toroidal inductor choke coils, industrial heat sink and more.

Other Products
  • Wire Lead Current Transformer The wire lead current transformer can convert large AC current into small current. Compared with normal current transformer, our product can get a lower output current in accuracy of milliamperes. Approved by CE and fully compliant to RoHS, it can be used in precise current test ...
  • PCB Current Transformer As one type of our current transformer products, the PCB current transformer is also used to stably turn high current into low current to effectively perform measurement on high current circuit. This product is packaged with pins, and can be easily and directly mounted on PCB.