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Rogowski Coil

Rogowski Coil

The Rogowski coil is an electrical device designed for AC current measurement purpose. Without a metal or ion core, it is a kind of toroidal coil with wire wound on a non-magnetic core.

1. As a special type of current transformer, the Rogowski coil includes no ferro magnetic material, and thus boasts no hysteresis effect or magnetic saturation. It can be used to measure currents up to hundreds of amperes while without magnetic saturation, phase difference or the danger of secondary open circuit.
2. It responds to frequency bandwidth between 1Hz and 1MHz.

Because of advantages such as real-time current measurement, fast responding speed, no magnetic saturation, virtually no phase error, etc., Rogowski coil is often used for occasions where the distorted signal often occurs, including relay protection, silicon controlled rectifier, variable frequency speed control, electric resistance welding, and more.

Due to limitations of the raw material and manufacturing techniques of Rogowski coil, we recommend using our standard current sensors rather than this special one for current measurement when the frequency is 50Hz, so as to achieve higher precision.

Working Principle
The Rogowski coil is typically looped around the conductor to measure its current. The current produces an alternating magnetic field which induces a voltage in the coil. As the voltage is proportional to the rate of change of the current, the Rogowski coil usually has its output terminals connected to an integrator circuit, so as to obtain an output voltage that accurately reproduces the current waveform. Thus, the current of the conductor will be known.

Technical Specifications
Rated Current (rms) 100A- 100KA
Output 0-100mVrms (Without integrator)
0-5Vac (With integrator)
Coil Length 0.2cm-200cm optional
Outgoing Line Shielded wire, length optional
Insulation Voltage 3500V
Operating Temperature -25℃~ 70℃
Accuracy ±1% (flexible coil)
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